Class Size   Up to 6 children per class

Duration   Holiday Classes are 4 hours long, including 10 minutes of clean-up at the end.

Age   The minimum age is 7 years old. 

No Power Tools   I teach children to use hand tools.  The projects are chosen so that children do not need to use any power tools.  Hand tool skills can be be acquired quickly and will be useful for a lifetime.  The only exception is when any large diameter holes need to be drilled - your child will watch at a safe distance while I use a cordless drill.

Safety Glasses   Safety glasses or goggles must be worn at all times.  I provide each child and parent/ guardian with safety glasses or goggles (worn over spectacles).

Hair   Long hair must be tied back.

Shoes   Fully enclosed shoes must be worn by children and parents/ guardians.  No open toes, no open heels, no Crocs, etc.

Asthma   As we do a small amount of sanding, I would not recommend my classes if your child has moderate to severe asthma or is hyper-sensitive to wood dust of any kind.

Wood   Wherever possible I use wood that has not been chemically treated.  Chemically treated wood products include MDF and plywood. If I do use MDF or plywood the children will not saw or sand it.

Sunscreen   Some of the workshop is covered by a glass roof.  I provide sunscreen and encourage everyone to use it.


Currently we run holiday classes only for 7+ years old. 

Tool School classes are designed to teach children how to use tools safely, while giving them a taste of the magic of building.  The idea is not that the end product is perfect.  The most important thing is that they understand the steps involved in drawing up a plan, sawing a board, drilling a hole, hammering a nail, driving a screw, sanding, glueing, painting and the list goes on ...