I went on to become an accountant and lawyer, but I never lost the desire to follow my father into woodworking.  My turn came in 2012 when I began learning from a highly respected woodworker, Stuart Faulkner.  I have not stopped creating since then.

In 2014 I began to let my kids "help" in my workshop.  I got them started by hammering nails and driving screws into offcuts. I soon realised that they could safely use a small, fine-tooth saw.  They loved it and it evolved into making their own basic toys.  I was amazed by their ideas and enthusiasm.  Then, a local school asked me to teach woodwork to their students. Like my own children, they loved it too.  

Tool School was born. 



I grew up in a DIY household.  My Dad was a high-school Industrial Arts teacher and I had the opportunity to spend many enjoyable hours in his workshop.  I watched him do everything from mundane household maintenance, to crafting beautiful pieces of furniture, to restoration of antiques.

Even as a child, I was struck by his vast knowledge of tools and his incredible knack for self-help.